Love is Blind

This weekend, I’m stuck on the couch sick. So what better thing to watch than Love is Blind on Netflix. I’m on the latest season, so I’n familiar with how this whole experiment works.

Now, Season 1, the cast was great, season 2 it was okay, season 3 the cast was full of red flags, now season 4 I feel like it’s beginning to get back around to season 1 cast vibes.

The one thing that I love about this season is that they included a woman who is divorced; mind you she has been divorced not just once, but twice. Some men might see her being divorced twice as a red flag, but I see it as her not settling for less. Seeing her on. this show just gives us divorced women some inspiration and hope to fall in love and hopefully get married again.

Dating after a divorce is probably one of the most difficult things to go through. It’s a little awkward, you’re nervous to see what the other persons reaction will be to know that you’re divorced, and if things go well, you don’t want to it to fail.

Personally, I’ve tried dating apps, meeting guys at bars and social events, and I can see why the cast of Love is Blind have decided to try out this method of dating. It’s a group of people who all feel the same about dating, they have all tried out the dating apps, the blind dates, the meeting random people at a bar and social events, and nothing has worked out for them.

Although I wasn’t a fan of the last two seasons casts members, I think this show and new dating experiment is a great way to get people in the modern world to meet and connect. They are all there with the sole purpose of finding a spouse and they are all focused and dedicated to finding their person.

Would I go on this show? Maybe, if I’m 30, single, and ready to mingle. But not today. I lay here on the couch with my dog Chicken, with my hair up in a bun, no makeup on, and realize that being on the show Love is Blind is a lot of work. They all have camera ready makeup on, coordinated outfits, and just think about how I would have to prepare for this show months in advance.

So for now, I’ll happily stay on my couch lounging with dog, writing for my blog.

-Nathalia 🙂


No coffee

This morning I had no coffee like I intended to have, and that’s okay. I had no breakfast like I usually do, and that’s okay. Things don’t always go according to plan, and that’s okay.

What I did do: workout, clean my house, grocery shopped, and did some writing for my blog. I also managed to find the time to bake cinnamon rolls.

Instead of focusing on what I didn’t do, I’m going to focus on what I did do. Instead of looking at how my “planned” day didn’t go according to plan, I’m going to see what other things I can squeeze into my day to make it productive.



I’m looking to make some changes, specifically with my job. I’ve thought about going back to school to study business or maybe even engineering. I have also looked at internal job postings in my company, the only bad thing about that is that when it comes down to be interviewed, its always “good” to let your current manager know about it, making it a little awkward because now they know you’re job hunting.

This recently happened to me, I was asked to interview for an internal position in a different department, and now my department knows I’m looking for another position. I had a coworker break down in tears just at the thought of me moving on. Don’t get me wrong, i like my job, it’s easy, and many people would love to be in my position. But, when it comes down to my salary, I’m not satisfied. I’m also not satisfied being the only one in my department to not receive a raise this year, which seems to be common for those with my job title across other regions.

And it’s not that my performance isn’t meeting expectations, or even exceeding, I’m just at the bottom of the tier, so if I leave, it’ll be easy to replace me, and most likely at a cheaper salary.

I’m also at a point in life where I’m looking for new challenges, looking for that new and exciting feeling that you typically get when you’re being introduced into something that is completely different. The kind of feeling you get before you get onto a rollercoaster, nervous but excited.

So, if anyone out there is in engineering or business, do you love it? hate it? pros and cons?


Morning Brew

My mornings often start by my alarm going off and me walking downstairs to let my dogs out for their first potty break of the day. As I wait for them to scratch and bark at the back door, I get started on my breakfast and coffee. Breakfast is usually a couple of eggs, and a few slices of bacon or chicken sausage. My coffee; usually some limited edition flavor from Nespresso with a splash of creamer.

During this time, I take the time to enjoy the silence in my day, minus the crunching I hear from my dogs eating their breakfast. The rest of my day consists of me going to work, getting together with friends/family, going to the gym to try to stay active and live a healthy life, and finally, coming home.

Although my life seems pretty boring, its really not, most days I encounter some sort of situation that just adds a little “spice” to my day. That “spice” I’m kind of thankful for, it has allowed me to make some of the biggest decisions and changes in my life.

Because I never know when there’s going to be a little bit of “spice” added to my day, I really treasure the little time I have in my mornings to not have to think critically and just be in a relaxed state of mind.


A little about me

Before I bore you with some of my posts, I wanted to write a little bit about myself. I’m 25 years old, living in the state of Washington where we have all of the wonderful seasons, including seasonal depression.

The last few years for me have been kind of a blur, just because they went by so fast with all of the chaos of the pandemic, and because I live a pretty chaotic life myself. Some of my posts will be on the reflections on some of the things I endured over the last six years, some of those events being my divorce and the loss of my mother.

I also like to reflect on my current life now, how it’s progressing, or how I believe it’s not progressing and the changes that I want to make. And I’m sure many other women, or any other adults may have felt the same way that I have/do at some point, I’m just here to actually write about it and put it out there.

Currently, I work in healthcare, and have worked in healthcare my entire career. It’s not an easy area to work in and requires a lot of patience. A change of career has definitely crossed my mind, finally this year I have decided that I will be making some major changes.

Something great about my life, I have three wonderful dogs that like to play too rough with each other. First, there’s Chicken, a small chihuahua mix that I got many years ago when I first moved in with my ex-husband. Chicken is for sure my biggest most emotionally attached dog. Then there’s Bear, who my ex-husband got after we bought our first house without my input, I just got home one day and there was little Bear running around. Now, Bear is not so little and weighs about 100 lbs. Finally, I have Porky, a frenchie, who was given to me by a family that was downsizing. All three are super needy and love to have all of my attention, and also love to take mid-day naps with me.

Feel free to ask any questions, advice, or just post a comment. 🙂