I’m writing this a bit late in the day but that’s because I’ feeling sick and slept in today.

I woke up at eleven this morning and the first thing I saw was my dog staring at me like if I was the laziest person on this planet. So anyways, I got out of bed, cleaned the apartment, and took the frozen chicken out of the freezer since I’m making chicken quesadillas for tonight.

So after I was done doing all of my daily duties. I came back into the room and as expected my dog was taking yet another nap.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet but I’m unemployed. I have been filling out applications and yet no luck. I did have a job but I quit because, honestly, I was under paid and was being mistreated.

Back to my job search. I’m still filing out applications and waiting to get a call back from anyone.

I’d like to make writing my career but I’m not sure yet. I had to drop out of college a few months ago and so I need to save up money to go back.

I had an interview yesterday at Starbucks and I hope to get a call back.

Anyways if anyone wants to hire me, contact me!

P.S. I’m a fast learner.


If anyone else is going through this or has gone through this experience, let me know your story. I’d like to hear about it.




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