It has been a few days since I have written anything but that’s just because I haven’t been feeling the usual morning vibe that I do, and I’ve been super busy.

So just to fill in a bit, my dad, who I have just recently started speaking to, had eye surgery on Monday. I drive him to the eye clinic. Then Tuesday he had a follow up appointment, so there I go again.

Its been a busy week so far and today I have to do so much more too.

I drove my husband to work his morning, we only have one car. I was telling him that it felt like the car needed and oil change and he assured me that the “oil was still light” and that it “had not gone up”. So I look at him and I’m like “you mean it hasn’t gone down?” and he stays quiet.

Of course I get home and immediately check the cars oil. It’s almost empty!

So now I have to go get an oil change done, do laundry, and still look for jobs.

So far that has been my day.

How’s your day going?




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